To bad weather good face with these 10 makeups


Each year we propose that “it be our year”. It is already April and you may feel that nothing in your life has changed. Learn that some events require time, if you are down now it is for you to enjoy when something good comes along. What you need now is to feel important, intelligent, beautiful and strong And you are! You just need a trendy makeup that reflects and makes you feel good. Total, bad weather, good face.

Shades of tropical electric colors. Sure you noticed the trend of outfits with vibrant and extreme colors. It’s time to use those eccentric shadows that you always leave on your palettes.

Makeup with glass effect. It’s been a long time since the highlighter became indispensable and this year the Japanese took it over to make a glass effect on the face. It consists of pastel colors with excess white illuminator.

Full color shade “living coral”. The Pantone company named this tone “color of the year” so you’ll see it everywhere, even in the eyes of the trendiest Instagram girls.

Party makeup with colorful bottom shadow. Now that you have lost your fear of quirky colors, you can use it at your formal parties. How? Using a lower shadow of the color of your dress …

… even that eccentric color detail in the lacrimal is being used. And not just for parties. In a normal day you can make the difference between you and that girl who always copies everything to you.

Shade “living coral” with a yellow outline. Using two colors that absorb light (magenta and cyan) is like playing God. You will love the effect it is going to give you and the original that it will look like.

Highlighter as a tan. As we said a while ago, the illuminator already has a place stored in the heart of all addicted makeup, the brown and yellow illuminators are used to give a tanned look that you will love.

Awesome outlines with simple makeups. You do not need to spend a lot of energy on your makeup, if you have become good at the art of delineation, you already did it! Try to make yourself delineated with shadows and even lipsticks of different colors, textures and effects.

Make your shadow a sunset with pink and orange (trendy colors). Start with orange around your basin and fill with pink. You can add black outline or tabs to combine …

… if you do not know how to blur shadows, use the pink shadow on your upper eyelid and orange on the lower eyelid and vice versa. It’s simple, it looks good and you’ll give that bad weather a “wow” face.

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