Super cool little things for your party that you can make with an egg


It does not matter if you are planning a baptism, a baby shower, a birthday or even a wedding. If you think about giving reminders to those who attend your event and you have no idea what to give and do not want to resort to the typical keychains that everyone throws away the next day, then go egg shells together because you will need enough .

I know you’re thinking, how am I going to give eggs to the guests of my party? Let you see what you can achieve with them and you will never do them again ever again.

Note: If you are going to use real eggs, remember that you have to take out your content first. You can make a small hole in its base, take out the contents and wash it with soap. Let dry and now you can decorate them as you want.

You can give small decorative baskets, with eggs painted chic. Surely your guests will start taking pictures right away.

If your party is childish, you can decorate such cute eggs and fill them with confetti or some small sweets (you can make a bigger hole in the base to introduce some candy) and for the children to enjoy breaking them as if they were piñatas.

How about a decorative pot?

Or use the egg as a pot and put a real plantita.

You can even enter a message inside. This message can be of love, of gratitude or even the ticket of some raffle.

Some beautiful unicorns.

You can even use the shell as a mold for candles and get beauties how are you.

Or leave part of the shell for more decoration.

If you have a plastic egg, use it as a mold to make this caramelized popcorn egg.

Or give them a gift inside.

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