"Part Five of the story" The World Waiting "Ferghond threw a blame on Frya and said, Amore …


“Part Five of the story” The World Waiting ”
πŸ”₯ Ferghandan threw the blame on Freya and said that today you committed the greatest mistake!
You are waiting for the order of the world!
You made an Adam child in the world waiting for you to leave! You certainly do not know what fate awaits us!
So, we must live with fear and then waiting for an accident at the moment from the valley, the throat, the peak of the light, the ash hill, the ghost range,
Brilliant forest and every corner of this land! You do not know humans? Fria, you were the guardian angel, how did you feel yourself with this selfishness, clear and black-haired? How did you convince a baby to be black? Because you did not rest in your arms? How do you invent yourself to be superior to yourself?
You have driven Adam from the angels!
You hate you instead of the seed of love in your heart! You accused him of blackness and put her into the arms of darkness! You sent the ashes as the child of darkness, and the son of Noble is clear! While you are a foolish angel who did not have the ability to detect a human being from the arrows, you did not know that human beings were born intact !!! Farya was very bad, she regretted, but she did not know what she was doing or what she was saying, she only knew that she would not rise up against Ferghand and say a word that she was condemned and she should wait for the appreciation that she had given to her!
Elizabeth asked Fergano
That lightning struck the sky from the silent valley and the ash hill into the sky, it was a terrible sound, that dark light, what was the sign? Has something terrible happened? What happened to the sentress? Did Frya destroy it?
Ferghand thought a little and said:
Adam’s messenger came here for one reason only because he is distinct from other humans,
A little girl is next to a commander who herself and directs those two bodies!
One heart and two strokes, one brain and two acts, one soul and two bodies! πŸ”₯
πŸ‘ˆ This story continues … πŸ‘‰ ***************************************** ********
Mademoiselle SIVA ❣
Lady Siwa ❀
πŸ”₯ Happy Girl of the Ash
πŸŒ‹θͺ¬Who lives in ASH Hill ?? !! πŸ”₯πŸŒ‹
βœ‹never play with ashβœ‹
# part5

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