Outfits to not change a thousand times before leaving


Who loves fashion knows that an outfit is your companion of the day and does not treat it as something that only covers you from the elements. Trying to find the perfect look takes a lot of time, so it is recommended to use a definitive and classic outfit; something like the “looks good” in your closet. We collect the looks that have been in fashion for over a decade, so you do not have any doubts when it comes to dating.

A white shirt, jeans, tennis and black jacket on top. The rock style will never die, it’s an iconic style of fashion. It does not matter if your style is different, it looks good on any girl.

Narrow miniskirt, combat boots and any top; seriously anyone, even an old shirt. Each year the miniskirts change design but they are always there! It’s like someone who changes his personality to suit trendy garments.

Jeans at the waist with bodysuit. Maybe in the early 2000’s jeans at the waist were replaced by those of the hip. The good thing is that now we all know that wearing them at the waist is a 10 for you, your body and look.

A denim shorts with a super comfortable shirt. This look is for the days that you do not want to fix a lot but that does not seem like you’re fodonga. You’re comfortable and you feel sexy at the same time …

… but if you do not look so casual, change the loose shirt for a white shirt of whatever style! And add some black booties.

A short overalls with crop top. The jumpsuits in short / skirt will be an eternal “yes” of every girl. Add a spicy touch to your look as a crop top to look more sensualona is the most logical!

White shirt with belt and jeans. We all have one in the closet, bought, given away or you do not even know where it came from. Taking it out is as simple as presenting jeans that hug her with a chic belt.

A black mini dress with boots / booties. This piece is more than classic, it is a pioneer of fashion. For half a century he has been accompanying the girls to be the number one companion. Forever!

Skinny black jeans, with a loose white blouse. The shoes that are you will be perfect, luxurious heels, colorful tennis or even jeans booties. You will avoid the feeling of “Should I have changed?”

Any look that we already presented you with a unique blazer on top! If you do not like to look classic, you like to impose or not look the same as the rest, includes a good blazer. It will do all the work for you!

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