Outfits that will not let the hangover ruin your weekend


Going out for a drink with friends is the best thing of the weekend! Especially if you had a heavy week or if you are celebrating something. However, the raw is not nice and less when you have a commitment the next day. What we can recommend is to use a comfortable but phenomenal outfit, so that when you look in the mirror you feel better; mind about girls body.

Look for an XXL shirt and use it on a beach look, such as a bralette and shorts. Raw for sure has you dehydrated, so a fresh look will prevent you from becoming more dehydrated by sweat.

If you feel bad about your belly, let loose jeans and a plus-size blouse go with you. If you feel it is too casual, you can drape your shirt with a knot on the front or on the side.

A vintage shirt, a white shirt and sandals with a low heel will go great with that date you forgot you had. It is even a look that goes well with a coffee.

For those who love to always look attractive, they can wear a top and miniskirt outfit with a giant cardigan on top! This way you will feel that someone embraces you all day long, because you will need encouragement to continue with your day …

… or a top with pants, just do not forget the cardigan because it will serve you if you are inflamed, if it is cold or if you just feel that you are dying (figuratively).

Wear that mini dress with cups included; that is, the one you use without a bra. For what? The bra is annoying and the last thing you need is an uncomfortable garment at the height of the mouth of your stomach.

Crop top with jeans and loose jacket. You can add some sandals to make it look like you planned your look; that is, loose …

… if baggy jeans turn out to be pretty, change them for something more chic like a metallic midi skirt. Remember that an outfit can look good even if more than 50% of it is loose …

An original jumpsuit, those full and baggy, will save your weekend. First, because it’s going to give you that respite you need. Second, because the top and shoes will define the type of look you want to achieve.

An outfit with your favorite clothes, so they do not combine, will get along well with your hangover version. You will also find combinations that you did not know looked good; like that chic skirt with the shirt of your favorite band.

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