Outfits for you and your BFF to match at parties


Sometimes we are afraid to go to a party, either because we do not know anyone or because someone is going to meet you. The point is that all these nerves disappear if your best friend appears, because both always become the soul of the party. For your next outing, I recommend you to do a “matching outfit” to stand out from the rest and become a magnet for gallants.

The paintings are in trend, so you will find an infinity of garments with similar fabric. These looks are perfect if it’s an office party or casual meeting.

If the party is going to grab you in a dive, it is best to get both pieces of satin. This type of fabrics will make them shine to the point of being the center of attention.

If you do not want to dress exactly the same, at least try to make your style look a lot like it. That is, get organized to wear similar pants, heels, tank tops, etc.

Maxi similar dresses. Bridesmaids are always the most valued in formal events, we know that both are not godmothers at all; but they can make the girlfriend angry by excelling at looking like it.

Formal shorts with shoes and similar top. Formal shorts are hardly worn and if both are worn they will look fantastic! In addition there are various colors to not look like twins.

Both white. They will be like two angels fallen from heaven. Also, if one is lost they will be easily found. Preferably buy in the same store because white has many styles.

Similar jumper. There are lots of jumper styles. So it will be easy to look good, regardless of whether the pattern, cut or sleeves do not look alike.

If the party is a roasted carnitas, agree to look norteñas without exaggerating. You can plan a checked shirt, shorts, hat and boots to look gorgeous.

We all have black jeans, so try to buy the same tops of different colors; that will look like sisters with blessed genes.

A casual outfit but similar color. No matter what they wear, both will look good because together they make a natural matching, but if they wear the same colors they will look good x2.

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