Outfits for those who are already enjoying the holidays


Sure we are all up to the crown with all the projects, final exams, presentations, dealing with classmates and teachers. The only thing that motivates you to get up to go to school is the holidays! All this effort and headache will be worth it when you can rest and go out in summer with your friends, looking beautiful with these summery looks.

That super cool jumper that the heat was already screaming for you, now it will be a daily look, for sure at school they would be infatuated if you wore it.

At least you can already use that casual and senseless shirt you bought, gave away or brought you from the beach. Because what a bear to bring a “Souvenir from Cancun” to school.

All those multicolored looks you wanted to experience with Now you can! Since you will not have the jealous critics of the room judging everything you do and put on.

The best thing about the holidays is to be able to wear so comfortable and comfortable clothes. It’s practically out in pajamas! So not only your mind, but also your body, will be relaxed …

… Even that baggy pijamezco look can be attractive, with a simple XXL skirt you will feel safe, relaxed and your body free.

It’s time to dust off your crop top that at school they will not let you go. You can even advance your vacation and use it for school, with a cardigan on top.

The casual dress you wear now will have another meaning on vacation, because now you will use it to go out and have fun and not to go to school.

That jumper with a heart-shaped neckline that you were sad to take to school, on vacation will be your lethal weapon! Because you will get your summer love … at least until you return to your reality.

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’re sure to enjoy a European or New York look! A button-down shirt, tailored skirt and expensive bag from Paris.

Or if you plan to be in your pajamas all day watching series, you’ll surely savor an attractive and comfortable pajama! Sensual in case you have to leave or visit and comfortable to see Netflix all day.

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