Original clothes to give your looks another look


There is nothing wrong with dressing with basics; like the black white and denim garments. However, sooner or later we end up looking like a portrait. Creating an innovative outfit is not as difficult as you think, because with a garment you can do wonders. You should not look very extravagant to look original, you can combine your everyday looks with one of these garments and give it a totally different look.

A tropical shirt, one of those that have more than five colors. They are the classic shirts worn by the gringos on the beaches. But now you can wear them with your favorite shorts or jeans …

… you can even use it as a sweater, that is, wear the shirt over your look. In addition to giving color to your usual looks, you can combine it with all the colorful shoes in your wardrobe.

A layer type vest. This type of garment is scarce and almost nobody is interested in using it, but it is more practical and exotic than you think. Also if you are looking for a white or black will be good with what you wear.

This summer the rainbow skirts will be the sensation. You should try one and give a completely different touch to all your blouses. Even your most boring shirt will feel the most chic in the closet.

Fishing pants in black and white. Now with the heat, look for fishermen of colors, designs and even original cuts. The bicolor will adapt them to all the colors of blouses you have …

… you can also choose a third color in the pants, in case most of your blouses are black or white. So you will give a colorful brushstroke to your usual looks.

A tropical short (like the blouses that we already explained), will go perfect to your look, your legs and all your boring blouses. It will become the most extroverted garment in your wardrobe and, in passing, it will transmit your confidence.

If you must wear a white shirt to the office, try unique prints! A blouse with small hearts, pug faces, flamingos, tree leaves, sunflowers and everything you find in the mall.

A very long cardigan of a color that you almost never use. What for? Because it looks original and adapts to sophisticated and casual looks, to cold and heat, to neutral colors and colors.

A vinyl skirt will go hand-in-hand with all your formal shirts, it will give them a casual and chic touch at the same time. Not to mention that it is a super attractive garment that will give you a lot of confidence.

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