Office outfits that will take away the desire to be ‘Nini’


Sometimes we see formal and very attractive outfits that we would love to use. But we forget that there are perfect excuses to do it, one of them is to work. I know it sounds silly that a simple outfit can put you to work, but the outfits can serve as inspiration. To project yourself looking fabulous while doing what you like.

A mini skirt with a shirt and a blazer that complements it. The bottom outfit looks very casual but with the blazer you’ll look like a queen of Godinez.

A fisherman type set. Imagine dressed in a set with sack and plaid fisherman, where would you use it? Obviously you have to belong to a good office to show it off.

A set at the waist and top. The trousers at the waist are zero boring when you combine them with a top. You will look sophisticated, hardworking and very beautiful.

A pair of jeans with a shirt. Sure you think that in the office you should wear formal clothes all the time, but it’s not like that. Wearing jeans is the most normal and with shirts you can get creative.

Formal outfit with striking colors. Do not worry, you can use very attractive shades like yellow, pink or deep red. You will get to remove the gray of your future office.

Mini skirt with long sleeve shirt. Mini skirts can be very sophisticated if you know how to combine them. Obvious takes very dark or very clear tones.

A set of paintings with skirt and blazer. There are tailor-style cloth sets but with more modern designs. Worthy of a fashion-loving clerk …

… even if they seem something mature for you, you can opt for more youthful and colorful designs. Well at the end of the day they are still formal groups to work.

Check skirt, shirt and jacket. Finally you can combine your mini skirts and shirts with a jacket, to turn them into something formal and elegant.

Plaid skirt, shirt and long coat. As we said in the last look, what you wear on top of your outfit influences how formal it looks. The longer, the more elegant it looks.

A 50% casual 50% formal outfit for your casual Fridays. If luckily in your work on Friday dress casual, you can screen everyone with your great taste even in casual outfits.

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