Looks trendy in case you do not know what to do with your hair


Imagine that everyone dressed exactly the same. Do you know what would stand out? your hair, the stylized hair can make a big change in your outfit, image, face shape and even skin tone. We should not take lightly. That said, now you’ll wonder what to do with your hair. For this we have compiled the looks that this year will devastate … just like you.

A wick of a different color to your tone, if you have black hair, discolor a wick and vice versa. We saw this look in the 2000’s with Rogue by X-MEN, and since the 90’s are coming back, we are falling in love.

The pixie cut is in fashion and is for the most daring girls, because it is cut too much hair, but the results are amazing Total! The hair grows again … … if you feel that it is a very manly look, you can stylize it with curves or decolorizing it.

Straight manes are already very trite, but if you feel that this cut you have left, you can add a color. But not an ash or copper, but one of a very original and unique color.

Some balayage wicks are always an option. But do you know what would be a plus? If you use a wick of a different color, for example a living coral, which is the color of the year.

The bicolor outfits are in full swing, but bicolor hair is the most this year. Like Cruella De Vil, this look is used by alternative girls, but there is no doubt that it has its sophisticated touch.

A cut blun cut will fall in love, is the one that goes to the height of the lips. You will love it especially if you feel that your tips are already badly damaged.

A color in the lower layer of your hair will be your favorite new look. Why? Because you are going to decide how much to show that new tone; either with loose hair, half pigtail, a full one, braids, etc.

The hair grows very slow, if you are desperate, save for a natural extension of 20 “. Long hair has been in fashion for a year, but not all of us grow hair overnight.

The living coral, being the color of the year (according to Pantone) will go hair, figure and literally. It is an uncommon, chic look and it will give you more life, your attitude and your outfits.

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