Looks to stay pretty even if you wear a splint


I envy the girls who were born with stars, because those who were born starry dealt with shameful, ridiculous, meaningless and even bulky falls. We always have bruises, scratches and sprains! Sure you got used to carry plaster or splint, but do you know what look to wear them? There are outfits that will make you feel beautiful, comfortable and without hurting your feet any more when it comes to dressing.

A baggy shorts with a draped shirt. This look is not only attractive, but will combine with the shoe you bring. In addition, it will be like walking almost in pajamas around the city.

A miniskirt with loose shirt. Many believe that miniskirts are uncomfortable, but nothing to do. In addition, putting it on will be a breeze and the baggy shirt will give you freedom for crutches.

A sweatshirt a few sizes larger to use as a dress. This is a classic, because you do not have to touch your foot at all when changing. Not to mention the freedom of movement that this look will give you.

A short overalls with sweater. The sweater is optional, depending on the cold. It is well known that long coveralls are baggy and there would be no problem with your sprain, but a short one is easier to put on.

Because shorts have openings for giant legs. Must be your priority! You can include a good top so it does not look casual or fodongo.

A mini dress, but you can obviously wear it from top to bottom. This way you will not touch your ankles and you will be able to use the tennis that you want, because they all combine it.

A midi skirt with blouse (both loose garments). This look will allow you to use crutches, walker or even chair with any comfort, feeling beautiful and without fear to teach more.

If you have not shaved and your sprain does not give you a chance to do so, opt for baggy pants. They will not look ugly if you wear them at the waist with a belt and sash your blouse.

A midi jumper is comfortable in many ways; for example, it gives you the confidence that you look good no matter what activity you are doing (in this case, limping) …

… but if you do not find a midi jumper, there is also the option of a short jumper, which does not need loose space. Remember that being “crippled” is not an excuse to feel less. You’re pretty as you are and your look will give you the attitude to overcome it.

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