Looks to become the new queen of casual Friday


It is assumed that after school, popularity is no longer a social factor, but they are hoaxes. In the offices the reigns still exist; obvious in a more mature way. There are several monarchies, there is the kingdom of the best shoes, handbags, partying, employee of the month, better formal dress and queen of casual Fridays. If your plan is to win this latest title, check the following looks.

A casual colored skirt or plaid with stockings will be ideal to show off your legs. In case you need more seriousness, use a long coat over …

… this outfit also applies with shorts, because it is more casual and the stockings give it a certain formality. Obviously do not wear denim shorts with stockings, you’re not 15 years old.

A midi skirt with animal print. I think what you wear above does not matter, this skirt combines with blouse, shirts, jackets and even sweaters …

… there are also skirts with straighter cuts, such as the pencil skirt. You will see formal for the office and excel from the rest of the looks of Friday.

A leather or vinyl pants (you decide). If in your office on Fridays are so casual you can wear tennis and jeans Dare! Changing the pants will change the play completely.

A maxi skirt with jacket. I know it’s weird to wear a maxifalda to work, but it’s Friday and everything goes. Preferably use a colorful and lowers his extravagance with a black jacket.

A look with narrow garments. If your curves are part of your strategy, take advantage of Friday’s freedom to show them off. Well, you know what clothes are exactly your size.

A red garment, it does not matter if you choose the pants, blouse and coat The point is that it is intense red! This simple look will attract the eyes and make you look different from the rest.

If they let you go in jeans, tennis and t-shirts, take an extra supplement. It can be a jacket out of the ordinary or a hat that enhances the rest of the look.

A square pants will make the difference in your daily looks, together with those of Friday. On Fridays you should only combine it with a bodysuit or a top to the waist.

You can wear your trouser type pants (the one you wear from Monday to Thursday) and add a shirt with tennis. These clothes will let the pants do all the work.

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