Ideas for a party of XV years Japanese


Every time it is less frequent that the parties of XV years are totally traditional, the girls of today want more original and unique things (because obviously they have to be shared on Instagram). So if you are about to turn 15 and you are in full planning of the party but you have no idea which theme to choose so you do not look mega-choted, then maybe Japan has the answer.

Look at the beautiful Japanese-themed party you could have …

Let’s start with the dress, obviously you can not wear a traditional one, you have to wear one more kimono style. Look at the chulada in which you can be inspired.

The cherry trees are the most representative of Japan. But calm that you do not have to get real, with artificial ones will suffice to fill the place with magic.

Give your guests small cherry-scented creams.

If you do not find artificial cherry trees, make them yourself using pink branches and balloon.

The umbrellas will give color and elegance to the event.

And obviously your cake should not break the charm.

Make the sweets measure up.

Everything has to create Japanese atmosphere.

So you can give the souvenirs.

It is easier than you think.

A cookie of luck at the end of the meal.

So that everyone enters in mood.

You can even do without the chairs.

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