Horoscopes from June 17 to 23



You are getting into trouble with your boyfriend because of those “pious lies” that lately have become a habit. I know that you love and love him with your soul, but he is suspecting and making ideas that are out of reality, and you can not blame him! Well, it all started with a lie you told him and you never clarified 100% why you did it.

I ask you for what you want most if you really want to have peace of mind and zero conflicts again, change your attitude. This week is ideal to reconcile with your partner both spiritually and physically. If you feel like telling him that you would like to have more time for yourself, do it honestly and he will understand. Put on your shoes.

Song: Billie Elish – I love you

Sentence: Do not do good things that look bad.

Advice: Do not feel guilty for wanting to spend more time alone. Your sign needs solitude, is part of your nature and going against it is not healthy for you. Simply say things as they are, without fighting and without creating misunderstandings and others will understand you.


This week will be a bit difficult since you will ask yourself the question: Why do you always have to be the one who looks for the others? … And it is not for less, because it is the truth. This is because you always give more than others when it comes to a relationship of friendship or love, and that sadly causes others to lose interest in being by your side. It sounds ugly, but I feel it is my duty to tell you and make you see reality.

How to solve it? Easy, do not give everything of you from the beginning. Save yourself the most important thing for you and veil releasing little by little, as the others are winning. Do not give everything to those who do not deserve it and value yourself.

Song: Ximena Sariñana – If you go

Sentence: You save it, they miss it.

Advice: People are not as good as you think. That saying “we are good” is a lie that you should always keep in mind. If others see you as “weak”, they will take advantage of you from the first moment. You need to work on having a more imposing and less submissive energy.


You yield very fast to others’ pressures. In fact this week you need to be very cautious with a proposal that will make you a boy that you are hardly knowing. If you agree you could regret it and get into emotional and sentimental problems for having entrusted super fast to someone you did not have to.

I see that in your work or school there is someone who is supporting you very much to get out of some problems you were stuck in, thank you very much and value it, since that person is special. You could have a friendship forever with him or her if you take care of her.

Song: Dove Mami – Not Steady

Sentence: For something good … it’s worth waiting a little longer.

Advice: I urge you a good luck charm of blue color. It could be a bracelet or a necklace, use it at least during the month of June and July.


Everything indicates that this week you will enter a very nostalgic phase that will last you 3 to 4 days … why? I could not tell you. All I know is that you will remember very nice and possibly difficult (at the same time) things from your past. Things that have made you the woman you are today. You need a lot of inner strength so that those memories give you a more imposing character in the face of any adversity, do not let these diminish you.

Song: Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

Sentence: Hold on to what makes you different.

Advice: Write a letter to your “I” of 10 years ago and tell her everything you miss about her and all the new things that have marked you during that time. You will be surprised when you finish and read it out loud.


There is a person very, very close to you who is having a very bad time and who has not told anyone about their problems. Your task this week will be to be very alert to the signals of those people who on the outside could fake a smile, while inside they could be completely undone. Invite her to have a coffee, to the cinema or just to turn around so they can talk and make you feel better. There are times when life gives us proofs in favor of others, and this is one of them.

Song: To the cold – Leonel García

Sentence: The strongest people are those who help others even when they themselves are full of problems.

Advice: Make a list of places you need to know before you die and start making the plan to meet them. All the great adventures begin with a dream … remember it.


You miss him and he misses you too too, however I must tell you that yours would not work again. This time that has passed, has changed both too much; So much so that if today they saw each other again, they would feel like two strangers and the moment would be very uncomfortable. It is better to close that chapter in your life and motivate yourself to start new stories.

Your mom lately feels very distant from the family, this is because you are maturing and you do not like to get into family problems that only take your time … invite her to eat and have a nice time, that will be enough to be removed how sad or worried

Song: Younger now – Miley Cyrus

Sentence: You know that you have matured when you remain respectful towards someone with whom you do not share the same thought

Advice: Make a playlist before sleeping with songs that make you feel totally inspired, it’s amazing what this can achieve the next day.


It is complicated to say goodbye, but sometimes it is necessary. For a long time there is a person in your life that the only thing that causes you is stress, every time you are with him or her your mind runs out. It is necessary that you make changes and that you think seriously about getting him out of your life.

Do not pay attention to those who tell you that you are selfish or ungrateful, in the end you always have to think about your well-being and to achieve it, being selfish is the only way.

Song: Egoista – Belinda

Sentence: If your absence gives you peace, then you lost nothing.

Advice: The loved ones can be the ones that hurt you the most. Do not feel bad if you take them out of your life and forever.


If something characterizes you is being foolish and clinging although you know you’re not right, this has not brought you anything but fights a free. You know it and although it is already affecting you emotionally you still do nothing to improve this situation.

For some time now this condition has caused your relationship to deteriorate little by little, this week is crucial for love, if you do not put aside your pride you will lose a person you love with madness, you need to accept that not always the reason is on your side and a forgiveness should come out of that little mouth if you do not want that door to close forever.

Song: Fool – Romeo Santos

Sentence: Sometimes you must accept things as they are and not as you want them to be.

Advice: You can not call yourself a mature person if you do not know how to admit your defeats and if you do not know how to apologize.


Lately you have made a journey of gibberish throwing gossip from right to left against people who cause you envy. You have to realize that that is exactly what you are feeling: envy. And trying to take away their light you will not shine.

This week is decisive to be able to heal and realize that there are things that you have to work with yourself and that others have nothing to do. If you refuse to reflect, your health will be affected.

Song: Heal me – Lady Gaga

Sentence: It does not shine by putting out others.

Advice: Ask yourself what it is that makes you speak badly of other people, what bothers you about them, so you will find what really bothers you and what you have to work on.


People will hurt you that is an undeniable fact of life. I know, it sucks and it’s impossible to avoid it, even if you seclude yourself in a cave for the rest of your life, because then you will be hurting yourself.

But even if you have been the victim of someone’s lack of empathy or love, you can not live hating or reproaching for the rest of your life. Although at this moment you do not see calm at the end of the storm, it will arrive. So this week get away from the alcohol because it could trip you up and make those awkward calls that only end in tragedy. Give time to time, that memories will soon stop hurting.

Song: Burning – Sam Smith

Sentence: Forgiveness comes when memories do not hurt.

Advice: Give time to time, do not cling, keep walking, time and distance will do their magic.


A strong change is coming in your life, it could be an opportunity to get a better job, or to start a project that has been postponed for years, everything is aligning in your favor but you have to take the step so that things start to unfold in your favor.

The fear of change is normal but if you let this convince you to stay in your comfort zone you will reproach the rest of your life, do not think about it and throw yourself, everything will be great.

Song: Risk it All -The Vamps

Sentence: Imagine the beauty of taking risks and getting it right.

Advice: Let yourself be guided by intuition, if you let reason get in the way, you will lose the stroke of luck that is being offered to you.


You are not saying goodbye to the University and you have no idea what you want to do with your life, but that’s not all, the whole world seems to pressure you to make the most important decision of your life without even giving you time to meditate. .

And the only thing your mind can think is: “I need a sabbatical year to know who I am, what I want to do and how I will achieve it”. Obvious this news is not something that your family wants to hear, but it is necessary that you listen to your heart and do what you think is more convenient, if you rush to choose you could be wrong. Take at least a few weeks to see things with perspective, everything could be cleared up faster than you think.

Song: Do not want you back – Eamon

Sentence: First my peace, and fuck the others.

Advice: The day you stop worrying about the opinion of others, that day the anxiety and fear will disappear from your life.

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