Eveeeeetttt dearsmmm honeybeams Don’t forget to save from the side Cabinet flat …


Eveeeeetttt canlarımmmm balarımmm ileri Do not forget to save from the side tl @_aslihan_kaya_ ADolap order I came in the story 1 day ago I bought these beautiful transparent boxes from A101 5t largest 5t rectangle 3t 5tl and I put the containers I put 2.5 TL on top of each other. 🤩👌🏻 they’ve been so beautiful
And the bottom of the fruit pots 3tl I bought from Denizli the greenery behind the cups tupper I wrap the greens in a paper towel 3 weeks I’ve opened the lid for you in this container is fresh
Of course, the interior of my closet with carbonate and white vinegar like sildimm için # order

# decoration # kitchenware # refrigerator layout

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