Dresses for those ‘tranqui’ nights that end in a party


When they invite you to something quiet, there is a great possibility of ending up on a great night of partying. Not all times, but most. If the universe loves to contradict you, it sure turns your “quiet nights” into something very crazy. So to be prepared I recommend the following dresses to enjoy your evening better.

A short dress is usually casual, but if you wear a more or less formal dress you will be ready for any bar, dive or party to be traversed.

A two-piece dress is basic in the closet of an addicted fashion. You should use the most casual you have and wear it just in case …

… you can even add a shirt underneath and you can decide whether or not to leave it, depending on where the huarache pointed.

A white dress is as casual, elegant and adaptable as an LBD. In addition you can stand out from the rest, it is not a night dress and you can hide in that you were going to do something quiet.

A vintage style maxi dress will adapt well regardless of the type of bar or party you are going to attend. Whether elegant or alternative.

A mini dress but with a matt or plain print. If you do not have floral patterns, lines or pictures, your dress can be camouflaged for each situation. Preferably carry accessories in your bag in case they go to a formal place.

A dress-sweatshirt. If the evening is “tranqui”, the most normal thing is to wear something casual like a sweatshirt; but if you wear a dress you can be ready to look pretty if you meet a boy.

Animal print dress. Many people believe that animal print is synonymous with vulgar, but they are people who know nothing about fashion. This dress is perfect for parties and elegant for dinners.

A silk dress, satin or some formal fabric. Sure many will ask you why your elegance if it is “quiet night”. But you can answer that it’s your pajamas and that’s it.

A red mini dress. It does not matter if your dress is from a bazaar or a mall. Being red will adapt to the situation, not to mention that it is very attractive …

… even if it is long cut, that is, a midi dress. Red will attract that boy you cast your eye on while your night changed course.

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