Conventional zero shorts that should be on your shopping list


The short is an indispensable garment, because every year the heat is increasing. However, not all come out of the same denim shorts, white or black. Your look should not only be based on your tops, because literally an outfit is the set of all your clothes. Now, you have to or do consider the following shorts for your next visit to the mall.

A short with unusual colors. Look for shorts with shades that neither pants or skirts have. It can even be more than one color and if they stick out better!

Pastel colors are a classic of spring, in your shorts will look great even in summer. On all those who have spring-summer season prints; like flowers, animals, fruits and plants.

The corduroy shorts are perfect to avoid the heat and not suffer cold with the rains, it’s like a 2 × 1 in garments. It also combines equal or better than denim shorts.

The white in the shorts in a classic, but there are white flannel shorts that are worn on the beach, it does not matter! Combine them with chic garments of the city is more than valid.

A yellow short is what your tropical tops need, not to mention that yellow is a big trend this year …

… so sure you already have yellow tops. How about some tropical shorts to combine? You will be the most original and trendy for several kilometers round.

The leatherette stopped being exclusive of the alternative girls And also of the pants! Now we can find leatherette shorts that go hair with your summer shirts.

Crochet every year takes over the holidays, however, rarely does it in shorts. If you find one with a crochet finish, do not let it go!

The weirder you are, the more rare your look will be. Look for military shorts and even with marble or tile finish.

If you’re not so awkward, you can wear striped shorts, but preferably with very bright and contrasting colors, like Mexican rose.

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