Chic eyeglasses not to worry about your myopia


Myopia is an anomaly that prevents you from clearly seeing distant objects. If you have to strain your eyes to reach far, it is recommended that you visit an eye doctor to stop hurting your eyes and head. Wearing glasses will change you for good and do not fear to ruin your look, because there are so chic glasses that will make you feel proud of your myopia.

Eye cat eyeglasses with marble frame. The cat eye is a classic of sunglasses and now you can use them daily. If your looks are generally formal, choose a frame of sophisticated material.

Eyeglasses cat eye transparent frame. Transparent frames become more viral every year. Strangely they shape the face and make it thinner; as a visual effect.

Eyeglasses with a colorful gradient. If most of your looks are classic, it’s time to give them life with a gradient in the frame and that is a striking color like pink, yellow, green or blue.

Glasses with frame in the lower half. It has been used a lot to use only the upper half of the frame, but using it below makes you look more sophisticated, mature and less basic.

Eyeglasses completely smooth. These lenses are special, because the crystals of your magnification are usually put on the frame. Its originality will be worth it and nothing will obstruct your sight.

Round eyeglasses with original design in the frame. Thanks to Harry Potter, these lenses are increasingly used, I have nothing against them but they are very trite and it is preferable that the frame is who makes the difference.

Glasses of your favorite color. The best thing about using lenses is the infinity of frame colors. You can choose the color that best suits your eyes, skin and even looks that you prefer.

Aviator type sunglasses. If you have already used aviator glasses to cover your eyes from the sun, you will surely love them to see better. They are comfortable, sophisticated and look good on any type of face.

Transparent glasses type wayfarers. The wayfarers are those that most of us know as “Ray Ban” type, but everyone uses them. Opt for a transparent to walk fashion like all, but excelling as always.

Vintage type glasses. It is never a bad option to lean towards vintage. Why? Well, they have not been fashionable for half a century. Not only will it make you look more mature, but it will motivate you to create more elaborate makeups.

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