Challenge of 16 photos you should take with your bestie this month!


Selfies have become the guilty pastime of many of us, that there is no way to deny it. That’s why, and to take advantage of this, I want to propose a challenge to you and your friend to have a great time fun!

It is about this month trying to do all or as many photos as possible with the ideas that I will give you below. Keep in mind that if they are motivated and recreated, they will have super original photos for Instagram, stories and fb. I hope you like them!

Selfie with elegant outfits (dress and shoes).

Drinking a coffee.

On the back with loose hair.

In a fastfood.


In the super in the cereal area.

Jumping in the bathroom.

Sharing wallpaper on your cell phone

With emojis.

On some swings.

With shirts of your favorite team (if you do not have, ask your brother or boyfriend)

Photo tumblr on the street.

On a wall with graffiti.

Posing in an elevator.

With a mask!

Trying on clothes in a dressing room.

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