8 Things that I regret to tell you are zero attractive


There are attitudes that for no reason have become super trendy. Things that many women believe make them look very “attractive” and with “personality”, but in my opinion they turn out to be the opposite.

I do not want to see myself super hater, much less take it personally. I just want to give my point of view free, sincere and without any doubts, because it really is time for someone to say it.

To be against everything … just because

You do not seem more intellectual, or more intelligent. Sorry

Pretend to be very “manly”

Nobody cheats Behind you there is a girl who loves her femininity and who only looks false when she tries to be someone who is not.

Show off things you do not have

Nobody believes you, you just look ridiculous.

Make yourself the victim of everything

That attitude of feeling that all the world is against you and that you are a “poor thing” because nobody understands you, it just does not go in these times.

Feel unique and original

Believing that you have a life, personality and history worthy of being starring Jennifer Lawrence and produced by Netflix, is something totally scary. We have to get out of our cloud and understand that we are simply another human being, with stories and anecdotes that are important enough for us and now.

Be berrinchuda

I can not with those girls who feel “little princesses” and think they deserve everything just because their parents told them they were almost goddesses.

Act like a fool

I mean things like shouting, crying dramatically for anything, overacting with some news and feel the center of attention. Sorry if it sounds “aggressive”, but it’s the truth. Acting as if one had 2 neurons that fight each other is not at all something that positively calls attention.

Believe influencer

I do not know what happens with so many women, who can no longer live without recording each minute of the day, as if they were famous.

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