6 recommendations to avoid ‘spoilers’ before watching a movie


There are films that generate so much euphoria and are so expected by fans that when they just premiere in the cinema, immediately the tickets are finished. If you are one of those people who fell asleep on their laurels and could not go to the premiere, here we bring you 6 recommendations so that you do not fall into any spoiler and you screw up the movie before seeing it (useful for series too).

Avoid social networks

We recommend avoiding social networks at all costs since it is the first source of spoilers to which it is exposed. However, if you are addicted to them, you could reduce the time you spend on them.

Block words on Twitter

If you can not bear the temptation to check the networks at least once a day, there is a solution to avoid all the spoilers you do not need! Twitter allows you to mute the words you want for as long as you want. For example, you can block the word “Avengers” so that nothing related to your timeline appears.

Do not talk to people who have already seen it

Usually after the premiere of a long-awaited movie, when you get to school, university or work, everyone is talking about it, so we recommend you stay away from the groups that you know could spoiler and talk to your friends They have not seen it yet.

Listen to music while they talk about the movie

If you’re walking down a hallway and you hear people are talking about important scenes in the movie, FOLLOW THE HEARING AIDS QUICKLY! And put the music at full volume until you are in a safe area.

Avoid reviews and videos on the internet

I know it’s tempting to look for information about a movie that you’re excited to see, but refrain from doing a self-spoiler and throwing away all the effort to avoid them.

Watch the movie as soon as possible

Of course, you have to watch the movie as soon as possible since the “Do not Spoil” has an expiration time. After two weeks you are exposed to all spoilers because according to some you already had the time to see it. Get the batteries!

Article written by Eslamodita Paola Hernández

Instagram: @paolavhdz

Twitter: @paolaavhdz

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