16 Outfits requetebonitos for girls strawberries


There are combinations that are totally and absolutely irresistible to try, especially if your personality goes with that of a feminine girl, who likes fashion and her personal image.

That’s why today, I want to show you a collection of outfits that seem to come from your sweetest and most beautiful dreams. I assure you that you will see them with little love eyes, especially if you are a strawberry child. Take a look!

Yes, the heels are tired to use, but they raise our outfits a lot. In addition to that they give us a silhouette and a sexier walk. From time to time it is not wrong to think of them as the first option for our combinations.

You can feel light, warm and feminine, all at the same time! Look at this idea.

If you have better abs than me, this is for you.

Do not make your ugly sandals chic.

Super casual and flirtatious.

To make everyone fall in love
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