16 Mini tattoos for girls who want something simple and cute


Making a tattoo is a decision that should not be taken lightly, because as I think you know … they are for life! (LOL).

That’s why today we bring you some really cool ideas that you could apply to your body if lately you have been born with the desire to make a cute, beautiful and of course feminine design!

They seemed lovely to me.

What sign are you?

Obviously I’m not saying that you do exactly the same initials. This is just an idea that you could apply according to your life and your own meaning.

Minimalist designs will never go out of style.

So or more cute?

If your thing is to travel …

I identify so much with this.

Awww. So nostalgic and cute at the same time.

So you never forget that behind every storm, a rainbow always arrives.

I loved the calligraphy.

Remember that if you want to make numbers or letters, you need to find a tattoo artist who specializes in this area. Not everyone knows how to do the same, it’s your job to find out who does the best work in your area.

A cute message for when you feel you are losing your way.

To your special person.

A message that makes you remember that everything will be fine.

Simple and flirtatious

What is it for you?

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