14 Signs that you are becoming a little lady


In this last year I have noticed that I have been mutating (unwanted) in a lady of those that I have always mocked (haha), I must accept it …

I do not know what has happened to me but I have repeatedly found myself wanting to do things that, according to me, only aunts, mothers and even grandmothers did. I swore and perjured that I would never become that; However, I must confess that from time to time I do them, but also, I must accept that they give me a lot of laughter and I even like to accept it.

So, if you think something strange happens with you, maybe it’s because, like me, you bring a “little lady” inside you who is anxious to go out into the world. Here I leave some signals with which you could confirm it.

You do not understand the internet of things

You start sending greetings to the family in Facebook comments in which nobody called you and you have even been tempted to keep the image of Tweety to congratulate your nephew on his birthday.

From one moment to another you have “good hand” for the little plants

Something happened that from one moment to the next your plants no longer die! Maybe it’s because you talk to them beautifully and treat them as if they were your daughters or possibly because they have discovered that you are becoming a lady.

Inside you are born a crazy desire to go to zumba classes


You put birdseed on the little birds on the street

And you even name them.

You get to Youtube to see what happened with the fight of “Sergio Adame vs Carlos Trejo”

You can not help resisting those gossip.

You are worried that between the “chiflón” and you are uncovered

You know that your health was not like it was 10 years ago.

You start looking for naturist and miraculous recipes in pages of dubious reputation … and you believe them

You even share them

You are subscribed to the Pedrito Sola channel

It’s a love, how can I not follow it?

If you meet a neighbor you can spend 2 hours gossiping with her outside your house

And when you least realize it, you’re super late to see your favorite gossip show.

You refuse to throw or give away something of yours … and you start to accumulate

… With the excuse of: “What if you suddenly need it?”

You start using “sayings” or “phrases” for toooodo

“Good morning … late already!”, “First God”, “God squeezes but does not hang”, etc.

You start to believe that someone is making you witchcraft

You suspect that “bad luck” is for a “little job” that made you a person who wishes you bad.

Criticisms to those who are smaller than you and say things like: “I do not know what happens with these new generations”

And you say things like: If I had a daughter to do that, I would turn a cachetadón!

From one day to the next your knees began to hurt

Without any explanation.

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