10 Qualities that the man you are marrying must have


Throughout our lives we will meet men who will mark us for life, sometimes in a beautiful way, in others … not so much. Some will teach us that the meaning of ‘love’ is more than words and promises, many others will let us know that a smile is enough to feel peace and fulfillment. And among all these, there will be one … only one that will have so many qualities that if you let it pass, it could be the most serious mistake of your life.

That’s why I want to give you some examples of qualities that make a man unique. If you have them, do not let them go!

Do not be afraid to leave the routine

Do not be afraid to experiment, go crazy and change with you in favor of your relationship. Stay with someone who motivates you to start new adventures.

Have the interest of having ‘dates’ with you

Many men “get used to it” and lose the intention and interest to keep the flame of love alive. And I do not mean that you stay with a cloying that feels ‘Pepe le Pu’, but with one that shows that you are interested.

Sense of humor

Imagine how boring it would be to stay for a lifetime with a bore of the worst that is offended by any joke you make or say.

Know how to show what you feel

A man who can cry in front of you, deserves everything.

Do not be afraid to express your sincere opinion

This, in addition to giving you a lot of personality, will help you know that you can trust him when you most need sincere advice.

Be willing to be a team with you

Knowing that you have someone for everything, in good times and in bad, is a blessing.

Be independent

And by this I mean that you are emotionally independent, that you do not depend on what your parents, your friends or even you think, in order to be happy. An independent man will never behave like your son instead of your husband.

Much patience

Accept it, you’re not easy to carry at times.

Not be macho

For your sake and that of the family you possibly have. You need an open, educated man who is in favor of equality.

Know how to make ‘cariñitos’

Obvious most important! Hahaha.

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