10 movies that are teaching men how to conquer you


Rarely do the seductions of real life develop as well as in movies. In the movies, the characters are brave enough to display bold lines of dialogue at the right time and do not choke on their words. They perfectly understand the insinuations of each one. They jump into the jacuzzis or make cocktails casually, confident that the object of their affections will eventually succumb.

As anyone who has tried (and failed) to witness their burning desire in a single glance, the seductions of real life are more charged with lack of communication. So, that’s why we go to the movies, where we can see how the verbal and physical prelude to sex is done in a soft and fun way.

The scenes of seduction are even more important than the drama parts that follow. We see characters falling against each other, sometimes reluctantly, sometimes with enthusiasm. We see the whole spectrum of power dynamics in action. We see where human psychology meets desire.

Now, to take the lead in the tricks that your boy uses to conquer you, you should know that the common threads of a romantic movie that he will see, have that the script is written by men, the film is told from the perspective of man and the male protagonist behaves as a man would in real life and the end of the film is redemptive. The male leader learns a valuable lesson from experience.

What do we do with all this information?

We copy it! And … we also make the “plan” of your boy less complicated when it comes to conquering you. So, when you notice your intentions to invite you out and see it nervous, you take over the moment and invite it first!

While we can not guarantee that your next attempt at seduction will be as easy as that of Alex Hitchens in Hitch, studying this is a good place to begin to make things less uncomfortable.

Roger Dodger


despues de


The man who loved women


Vicky Christina Barcelona

Crazy Stupid Love


How to Be a Latin Lover

Bonus: If you want to know how your boy thinks … What Men Want is all you need to see.

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